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How to Lose Weight Fast With a Rowing Machine

When one decides that he or she wants to get healthier, drop few pounds or feel better as well, most of us will think of running, walking or even cycling as the best cardio to help them out.

If you are one of those people who likes fancy life and wants to try a slightly different workout method, then rowing might be the best choice to try out now.

Rowing works for nine muscle groups on our body: the lats, core, shoulders, triceps, quads, back, biceps and hamstrings. It is also an amazing workout where you can be in a position to tailor your own needs and abilities.

With rowing, you will be able to work to most of your body parts than most of the other cardio process, rowing also helps you to build muscles as well as burning excess fats in your body.

A rowing machine is the best way one can use to lose weight. Especially for those people who are overweight. But don’t lie to yourself that you will just sit on the rowing machine and the magic will happen; it involves a lot of things to achieve the desired results.

It takes a little bit of effort and some sort of science on the rower so as to achieve the required results

Experts agree the best and recommended way burn excess fats in your body is to use a heart rate program. Rowers have monitors that track your pulse rate and keep you training in the best rate that can burn your fats easily.

But remember you can’t cut weight easily if you didn’t check on your diet, it is always the best choice to first cut down the number of calories you are taking before you start engaging in this kind of cardio exercise.

Below are tips that you can use to shred off excess fats from your body

1. Sit taller

If you really want to exercise well your core muscles, then you have to ensure you sit as taller as possible. When you do this, it keeps you maintain the required alignment.

You should also avoid as much as you can rounding your back. You should lift up your chest and gaze out and do not drop your head in the process. By doing so you will be keeping your airways open and you will be making your workout session to be more effective.

2. Always focus on your legs

When you drive your legs into the heel rest with each stroke, you will make the lower muscles in the lower half to get more involved in the process. In the process, you will help your body to burn more calories.

The rate at which calories are burned is affected by the speed at which the connection with your feet moves. So it is advisable to ensure about 50% of the energy which you apply comes from your stems and about 30% comes from the back and core and the remaining 20% from your arms.

3. Do power stroke intervals

You should mix in what is referred to as power stroke in the raw house after your warm up. It is generally the hard and fast strokes that explode your back. You should try your level best so as to keep your rhythm the same throughout the whole process. One is supposed to push harder with his or her feet and pull harder with his or her arms and core so as to raw faster. This should be maintained at about ten power strokes at twenty-four strokes for every minute. This should be followed immediately by ten recovery strokes.

The second set should be done at 26 strokes for every minute. This should then be followed by recovery strokes. The final set of should be with 28 raw strokes per minute.

4. Complete a ladder drill

At the start of your rowing exercise, you should start with a lower speed of about 22 strokes per minute; this should be followed by increasing the strokes by one for every thirty to sixty seconds until you reach the recommended 30 strokes per minute. By doing this you are helping your body to get up quicker paces that increase the process of burning calories.

You will also move your body from an aerobic state to a sprint anaerobic zone. When you are at 30 strokes per minute, you should reverse the course and head back on the ladder downwards, repeat the process until you rich twenty-two strokes per minute.

5. Include endurance training in your rowing exercise

On the other end, you should try to slow but steady endurance training can really increase the process of burning calories in your body. When you work at about 85% of your maximum heart rate, such that you cannot be able to say a couple of words per time, it can help you to bur a lot of calories.

 For one to get the best experience, you have to row at about 24 to 26 strokes per minute for about eight minutes while maintaining the same pace. To burn more fats you can also add power stroke to the above processes.

6. Mix up each day your rowing plan

To keep your body in check, you have to start the rowing process in a different manner each day. This will keep your body in a top fat burning mode. You should try to mix up your training sessions with high-intensity intervals sessions with longer endurance rows.

Rowing combines both cardio and strength training. You don’t have to do it for a long period of time in order to be a good one; you just have to do it in the right way following a particular pattern that will yield better results. The rowing machine is the best tool one can use to lose weight. It is an excellent machine that any serious person who really wants to lose weight should have. It can really help one to drive off excess fats faster.

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