• Guide to Car Audio

    The Newbie’s Guide to Car Audio

    If you are a newbie to the car audio systems world, you need to be aware of one key factor. There is no standard formula used in calculating the power levels of speakers or optimal speaker placements. It has nothing to do with an additional battery or squeezing audio capacitor of your car. the thing is that one of the parts that car manufacturers universally neglect to get high profits is sound system and many people do not realize what they are missing. The manufacturers are just looking for car audio that sounds okay to sufficient people. The essential thing that you need to remember is your car stereo audio may not probably sound as good as you think it does. Here is an exclusive look at The Newbie’s Guide to Car Audio.

    How do you know that your factory audio requires an upgrade? Below is a test that you can easily carry out:

    •         Sit your car, crank up windows and close the doors
    •         Play your favorite music on high volume and keep your ears well open for quality and clarity
    •         If you find yourself continually requiring to adjust the treble, that is something you can quickly fix
    •         If the music becomes distorted or the bass sounds empty or hollow due to the high volume, you can also fix it by an upgrade.

    Where now do you begin in upgrading a factory sound system. With the various ways of upgrading available, answering several questions will assist you to get on the correct path.

    •         How much money do you want to budget for the upgrade?
    •         Do you want to upgrade your sound and still keep your factory stereo?
    •         Do you want to ditch factory stereo and install afresh?
    •         Do you like loud music?
    •         How valuable is the bass to you?

    These questions will do a great deal in setting you on the road to having a fantastic car audio system.

    Car Stereo Upgrades That Are Budget-Conscious

    Car stereo has no wrong or right way to do it, and any component upgrade stands for a marginal improvement. If you are looking to upgrade the audio system on a tight budget, there are several things you can do including replacing one component at a time, and you will have a fully customized car sound system with time. For budget-conscious newbies, the best place to start is by replacing the speakers. Most of the factory speakers are feeble, and you will feel the improvement by upgrading the front speakers. A set of decent front speakers goes for about $50, but you need to ensure they can work without the head unit.

    Upgrading Your Car Factory Stereo

    Some of the people like the look of their car factory stereo. In that case, there are several ways to improve it without affecting the head unit. The first step is to replace your factory speakers with better premium speakers, have higher quality, and last more. If that is not enough for you, you might want to install an amplifier with speaker level inputs in case your factory stereo has no preamp outputs. Adding an amp gives you an option to add a subwoofer providing you with more bass. You can also install a digital sound processor to improve speaker sounds.

    Installing A Stereo System

    You probably want to start with a clean slate if you don’t like your factory stereo. To build the system from the ground, you will need to acquire a powerful head unit to power the speakers it should also have an amp and preamp outputs able to power your speakers fully. With the lots of choices available in building a car stereo system, you should begin by identifying the features type you want.

    Having More Bass

    If the only feature you want is more bass, you can easily do an upgrade. This is by either adding a powered subwoofer or adding a subwoofer and an amp. Either way, a subwoofer is the best way to add bass to your car audio system.

    Adding More Volume

    If your only concern is the volume, the component that you need to add to your audio system is an amplifier. If you are upgrading with the same factory stereo, you will require an amp with speaker inputs level while a premium factory head unit has line level outputs in place.  A powerful amplifier will easily overpower the speakers, and it is hence recommendable to also upgrade your speakers if you want to keep the volume high all the way.

    In conclusion, the guide will help you to have a great audio system for your car. to maintain your car resale value; you will find a wiring harness that is specific for direct plugging into your car factory wiring to avoid cutting into any car stereo system wires. This way, you will be able to pop your factory stereo back at any time you want.

  • awara mattress

    Awara Mattress Vs Casper

    Shopping for a mattress is often a mundane and tedious shopping experience. It becomes challenging for you to choose the perfect mattress for your needs. This is mostly attributed by the litany choices of mattresses available in the market. Among the options available, Awara and Casper mattresses are two of the best and most popular mattresses. Which is the best mattress for a perfect sleep when it comes to Awara vs Casper mattress? Here is a look at a battle royale head to head between Awara mattress vs Casper.

    Mattress Construction

    Both Awara and Casper mattress have lots of similarities in terms of construction. To begin with, they are all form mattresses. The difference in these constructions is the foam type used. Let’s look at the difference by looking at each mattress. Awara mattress is made with constructed with lots of organic and natural materials. The mattress is made of two hybrid thirteen inches construction layers. The upper layer consists of four inches of GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex. The second layer is made of nine inches premium innerspring coils that are individually wrapped. This layer offers pressure relief, responsiveness, and support to prevent the upper layer from sagging.

    On the other hand, Casper mattress is made of four layers. The top layer consists of poly foam open-cell. The layer is about one point five inches and functions to provide support by aligning the body appropriately and cooling by enhancing airflow while preventing heat and moisture build up. The second layer is made of responsive memory foam for contouring and pressure relief. The third layer, also known as the Zone Support Layer is one point five inches of adaptive transition foam. It acts as compression support and anti-sag protection to avoid feeling the firm and uncomfortable foundation layer. The foundation layer is five inches of polyfoam that gives the mattress a high density and long-lasting characteristic.

    Mattress Fabric Specs

    The fabric mattress cover plays a significant role in selecting the mattress of your choice. Awara has a breathable quilted cover made of soft cotton. This helps in efficient dispersing of heat all around the body for a silky-smooth feel and the coolest sleep. For Casper mattress, it is enclosed in a hand-sewn and custom designed a zip-off cover that matches with the decolor of any bedroom. The mattress will surely enhance the elegance of your bedroom.

    Mattress Support

    Awara mattress offers perfect support courtesy of the combination of the Dunlop latex and innerspring coils.  The latex is highly responsive and can compress at the cushion pressure points while maintaining its integrity and shape. The coils are contained in five mattress zones to provide support to the heavier body parts. Regardless of your sleeping position, Awara mattress will contour to your body curves providing support to side, stomach, and back sleepers.

    Casper mattress brings together a perfect hybridization of two high-quality materials that are rarely found together; firm memory foam and soft latex. These create a comfortable surface with unparallel support without reducing air circulation, bounce, or circulation. These extra support layers make the mattress more ideal for heavier users. Though it may feel a bit firmer for the first time, you should give it about a month to be lesser firmer.

    Mattress Comfort

    Comfortability is among the major reasons for replacing or getting a new high-quality mattress. Both Awara and Casper mattress over different levels of comfortability. Awara is a 13 inches hybrid mattress that contains a 9-inch supportive innerspring coils layer. This layer prevents turning and tossing while minimizing motion transfer for the ultimate comfortability. When combined with the 4-inch organic Dunlop latex, it provides you with the perfect sleep environment for the best and deepest sleep ever. On the other hand, Casper is explicitly designed to give you a peaceful sleep. It has a breathable comfort foam lying above the memory foam. This gives it a comfortable performance throughout the night, keeping things breezy, nice and outrageously comfortable.

    Mattress Delivery and Warranty Information

    Both these mattresses have a free delivery cost. Normally, your Awara mattress is shipped within twenty-four hours after purchase. After the mattress has been shipped, delivery takes about two to five business days to arrive via FedEx Ground delivery. Casper mattresses are shipped via UPS Standard what also takes an average time similar to Awara mattresses. The mattress is sent at your door for free in a compact box. When it comes to trial and warranty, Awara has a better offer and guarantee than Casper. Awara offers a trial period of three hundred and sixty-five nights and forever warranty. On the other hand, Casper has a trial period of a hundred nights and a warranty length of ten years.

    Mattress Price

    And finally, let us look at the price of these two mattresses. Majority of mattress buyers are more concerned about the value for their money. They mostly opt for the quality but the less expensive mattress. Coupons or promotions are highly likely to be available that reduce the mattress price by about fifty or more US dollars. Awara is more expensive as compared to Casper. A Casper twin mattress goes for around $500 while an Awara twin mattress goes for approximately $800. The price difference is consistent with the other mattress’s sizes, including full, king, and queen. Awara queen mattress goes for about $1300 while Casper mattress goes for about $1000. If you want to spend less, you should go for Casper mattress. You will save more than two hundred US dollars compared to buying Awara mattress.


    Both Awara and Casper mattresses are exceptionally popular with a huge consumer following. They have unique comfort and affordable for the majority of people. The main difference is that they accomplish their comfortability and durability mission in distinct ways. The availability of different foam types in these hybrid foam mattresses gives you a dynamic sleeping feel. The differences outlined above will help you to make a better choice when you go out to buy one. Buy the type of mattress that seems more of your style.