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    Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: Can It Protect Your Dry Hair

    Dry hair is the most delicate hair to manage. If you have it, you’ll agree with us that blow-drying it might do it more harm than good. In fact, according to The Wife Choice, ideally, you should avoid blow-drying your dry hair. Considering that the hair is already dry and highly vulnerable to breakages, drying it further might accelerate its fall-off. It’s even worse when you use a harsh blow-dryer that exerts too much heat on the hair. But do we live in an ideal world? Hell no! So, despite it being dry, you can give your hair a touchup once in a while or regularly as long as you do it with the special needs of the hair in mind. With a dry hair, you don’t blow-dry right away. You need to moisturize the hair first using water, styling spray or dry hair serum, before blow-drying. Also, you should use a gentle but effective hair dryer, not any that comes your way.

    Considering the special care that dry hair needs, many blow-dryers manufacturers have released driers which they claim to be dry-hair-friendly. Among the recent releases is Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. This beautifully designed dryer promises to boost the smoothness of your dry hair by 75% and the shine by 32%. Besides, the dryer claims that is can reduce your hair’s frizz and flaways by over 50%. Also, according to the manufacturer, it delivers all that while protecting your dry hair from damage.

    Right from the very day of its release into the market, those who’ve heard rumours about Dyson Supersonic Hair could strongly sense that it is not an average hairdryer. With its initial creation costing $ 71 and involving more than 100 engineers, it seems to be well prepared to change the notion that people have concerning the ultimate hairdryer, especially for those with dry hair. To establish the truth about the claims made by its manufacturer and different reviewers, we conducted a series of tests to see how Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer performs, establish its unique features and find out if it is different from its rival in the market. Here are our findings.

    Ease of use

    Have you ever used a hairdryer that seemed to weight more than your hands can handle? Using such can be quite frustrating, especially when you are doing your hair on your own. It makes you so tired, with your shoulders burning, that you’ll end up giving up before giving your hair that perfect look. It’s even worse when the hairdryer has its motor placed at the end of its head because balancing it will be quite a job.

    When it comes to Dyson, it features a sleek design with a handle that fits comfortably in your hands. Also, it utilizes a brushless digital motor that is quite smaller and lighter as compared to one in an ordinary hairdryer. To be more precise, the dryer weighs less than a pound.

    Besides, the motor is fitted at the handle instead of being at the end of the head as it is with the majority of traditional hair dryers. The motor placement makes Dyson even lighter and pretty easy to balance because the heaviest part of it is in your hand. However, the dryer’s filter is located at the bottom of the handle. So, you need to hold the handle carefully without moving your hand toward the end to prevent the vent from closing and restricting airflow.

    dry hair heavy

    The way you hold a hair dryer can break or make your hair and the ease of use will influence your ability to hold the dryer as recommended. Essentially, while blow-drying, you should hold the dryer with its nozzle pointing diagonally down the hair strand. While in that position, the airflow will be concentrated on the head and the drying time will be shorter. Otherwise, getting the heat-filled fumes close to your hair for a long time by holding the dryer too close to your scalp or hair will leave your hair follicles severely damaged, thus more hair loss.

    Because Dyson Supersonic is lightweight and has a good grip, you can hold it with its nozzle pointing diagonally down your hair strand and a bit far from your scalp and hair. This will help you dry your hair without causing more harm to it.

    However, Dyson might be a little bit of a turn off to you if you are looking for a hairdryer with a highly ergonomic handle. Its sleek design doesn’t allow its handle to be as much contoured to offer an ergonomic grip as some of the other hairdryers on the market.


    The lightweight nature of the dryer is not at the expense of its strength. In fact, some of the user reviews we’ve seen show that the respective users find Dyson stronger than other hair dryers they’ve ever used. Nevertheless, the extra strength has its slight downside in that you have to control the airflow well lest it causes more harm than good when it goes overboard.

    Safe vent position

    Are you fed up with hairdryer vents that keep on breaking your beautiful treasured hair? Well, the manufacturer of this dryer seems to have your problem in mind while designing it. The dryer’s vent is located at the bottom area of the handle. As such, there’s no way your hair will get caught on the vent and possibly remain there, like what happens with the majority of other hair dryers.

    Heat control

    Dry hair requires low heat as a high amount is likely to split or damage the hair. Dyson Supersonic is designed to address various hair needs through its four heat settings. The lowest setting is ideal for dry hair. Besides, it features and intelligent heat control feature in the motor. The heat control measures temperature more than 40 times in every second when it is on use to ensure that at no point will the drying temperature will go beyond the recommended limit, depending on your hair type. As a result, you can rest assured that your hair won’t suffer any damage due to overheating.

    When your hair is dried without getting damaged, it reflects a high amount of light in a certain direction and as a result, it appears alluringly shiny.

    Considering the ease of use, four heat settings and intelligent heat control, there’s no doubt that Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer can protect your dry hair.

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    How to Lose Weight Fast With a Rowing Machine

    When one decides that he or she wants to get healthier, drop few pounds or feel better as well, most of us will think of running, walking or even cycling as the best cardio to help them out.

    If you are one of those people who likes fancy life and wants to try a slightly different workout method, then rowing might be the best choice to try out now.

    Rowing works for nine muscle groups on our body: the lats, core, shoulders, triceps, quads, back, biceps and hamstrings. It is also an amazing workout where you can be in a position to tailor your own needs and abilities.

    With rowing, you will be able to work to most of your body parts than most of the other cardio process, rowing also helps you to build muscles as well as burning excess fats in your body.

    A rowing machine is the best way one can use to lose weight. Especially for those people who are overweight. But don’t lie to yourself that you will just sit on the rowing machine and the magic will happen; it involves a lot of things to achieve the desired results.

    It takes a little bit of effort and some sort of science on the rower so as to achieve the required results

    Experts agree the best and recommended way burn excess fats in your body is to use a heart rate program. Rowers have monitors that track your pulse rate and keep you training in the best rate that can burn your fats easily.

    But remember you can’t cut weight easily if you didn’t check on your diet, it is always the best choice to first cut down the number of calories you are taking before you start engaging in this kind of cardio exercise.

    Below are tips that you can use to shred off excess fats from your body

    1. Sit taller

    If you really want to exercise well your core muscles, then you have to ensure you sit as taller as possible. When you do this, it keeps you maintain the required alignment.

    You should also avoid as much as you can rounding your back. You should lift up your chest and gaze out and do not drop your head in the process. By doing so you will be keeping your airways open and you will be making your workout session to be more effective.

    2. Always focus on your legs

    When you drive your legs into the heel rest with each stroke, you will make the lower muscles in the lower half to get more involved in the process. In the process, you will help your body to burn more calories.

    The rate at which calories are burned is affected by the speed at which the connection with your feet moves. So it is advisable to ensure about 50% of the energy which you apply comes from your stems and about 30% comes from the back and core and the remaining 20% from your arms.

    3. Do power stroke intervals

    You should mix in what is referred to as power stroke in the raw house after your warm up. It is generally the hard and fast strokes that explode your back. You should try your level best so as to keep your rhythm the same throughout the whole process. One is supposed to push harder with his or her feet and pull harder with his or her arms and core so as to raw faster. This should be maintained at about ten power strokes at twenty-four strokes for every minute. This should be followed immediately by ten recovery strokes.

    The second set should be done at 26 strokes for every minute. This should then be followed by recovery strokes. The final set of should be with 28 raw strokes per minute.

    4. Complete a ladder drill

    At the start of your rowing exercise, you should start with a lower speed of about 22 strokes per minute; this should be followed by increasing the strokes by one for every thirty to sixty seconds until you reach the recommended 30 strokes per minute. By doing this you are helping your body to get up quicker paces that increase the process of burning calories.

    You will also move your body from an aerobic state to a sprint anaerobic zone. When you are at 30 strokes per minute, you should reverse the course and head back on the ladder downwards, repeat the process until you rich twenty-two strokes per minute.

    5. Include endurance training in your rowing exercise

    On the other end, you should try to slow but steady endurance training can really increase the process of burning calories in your body. When you work at about 85% of your maximum heart rate, such that you cannot be able to say a couple of words per time, it can help you to bur a lot of calories.

     For one to get the best experience, you have to row at about 24 to 26 strokes per minute for about eight minutes while maintaining the same pace. To burn more fats you can also add power stroke to the above processes.

    6. Mix up each day your rowing plan

    To keep your body in check, you have to start the rowing process in a different manner each day. This will keep your body in a top fat burning mode. You should try to mix up your training sessions with high-intensity intervals sessions with longer endurance rows.

    Rowing combines both cardio and strength training. You don’t have to do it for a long period of time in order to be a good one; you just have to do it in the right way following a particular pattern that will yield better results. The rowing machine is the best tool one can use to lose weight. It is an excellent machine that any serious person who really wants to lose weight should have. It can really help one to drive off excess fats faster.